Monday, February 11, 2013

Book 7: Call for the Dead

So, given my history, this should be some crazy zombie does camelot sort of dealio, right (maybe I'll write that one)? But, this is just a John LeCarre spy novel. Of course, saying "just" doesn't do it justice (groan). I actually got into this after watching the really boring "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" starring Gary Oldman. I figured it must have come from a book because who the hell would intentionally write a spy movie that doesn't have gadgets or explosions, or boobs busting out of swimsuits. So, found out it came from a John LeCarre novel about Smiley (the Oldman role) and although the movie was a snoozefest, it seemed like the kind of cold war intrigue that I find interesting. So, I ran out and got the first Smiley book called "Call for the Dead."\ I really enjoyed the book. It was gratefully short as it could have been quite boring, but I found the anti-Bond element (I read most of the Bond books in high school) quite refreshing. Smiley is not super in any way (though he is pretty smart) and he has no cool gadgets and manages to mostly avoid the deus ex machina that defines most spy thrillers I've read (and especially the films which I admit to having seen more films on spies than read books). It's a bit more of a short story, but a very good into to Smiley. I'm very interested to read the rest.

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