Friday, February 8, 2013

Book 5: Amped

Here's my review from goodreads which I posted right after reading. The more I think about it, the less I like this book. It just never becomes even a genre book let alone a probing sci fi with the sort of implications one might expect from a story of superhumans created by implants. "Let me start by stating that I think my two stars are a bit harsh. Wilson has created a very engaging, page turner focused on some interesting ideas. In fact, I liked the book well enough to pound it down during a sick day from work. But, ultimately, it is just an action book. Elements of the science are interesting, but Wilson really fails to fully realize the exploration of humanity explicit in his plot. It veers from mystery to action yarn to political thriller but seems to fail at what I wanted, namely, science fiction. Wilson has such a great grasp on the science behind his books, on par with any of his predecessors and contemporaries. But, the deep exploration of the human elements gets lost in an effort to keep the book moving. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but felt cheated by expecting more, especially when it seemed to be readily made for it"

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