Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top (or bottom) 10 worst fanbases in the NFL.

Top (or bottom) 10 worst fanbases in the NFL.
10) Philadelphia. Boobirds unite. They travel, but start fights, act the clown, and are generally disagreeable.
9) Jacksonville. Just not enough of them and poorly schooled in football anyway.
8) Baltimore. The day I saw a Johnny Unitas Ravens jersey cemented this one. I'm sure a lot of the fans are conflicted over their stealing a team to replace a team.
7) NY Jets. The Jersey penis envy of the Giants is just laughable.
6) Atlanta. Why are Atlanta teams the epitome of fair weather fans?
5) Dallas. So many fans who have never been to Texas.
4) Oakland. Some great fans here, but the thug image of the Raiders draws some really unsavory people.
3) Green Bay. See Dallas, add cheese heads. Never seem to realize when their team is mediocre.
2) Patriots. Arrogant, obnoxious, and unable to understand that NE is not the center of the NFL.
1) Seattle. Loud for the sake of being loud. People in Seattle love talking about their sports teams, but only in the most glowing terms. They seem incapable of seeing any flaws. And now, they've taken obnoxiousness to a new level.

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