Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 10 of 2013

Of the 66 books I've read, there were some real standouts. My favorites of 2013, a list that does not include books I've read before (Gatsby and Ender's Game) for no real reason other than I don't want to. So here it is, in order, ending with my favorite:
10) Strangers on a Train. Highsmith at her creepy mind game best.
9) Wool. OK, so I read like 10 books in this series, but it was total dystopian mind candy.
8) Drowned Cities. One of the great recent characters, Tool, part man, part jaguar, part dog, part hyena gets a chance to shine.
7) Three Parts Dead. Took a bit to catch up to the crazy world, but worth the ride.
6) Folly of the World. Indulgent, vulgar, violent, and with one of the most twisted and haunting relationships I've ever encountered.
5) A Plague of Wolves and Women. I will never, NEVER, recommend this book. It's the darkest, creepiest thing I've ever read. I still thought it was brilliant.
4) Parliament of Crows. Take a great true story about murderous sisters, sprinkle in some crazy civil war shit and a dash of supernatural and presto, pure awesomeness.
3) King of Thorns. I was luke warm to Prince of Thorns given the sometimes mind numbing violence, but it really came together in King of Thorns. King of Thorns solidifies Jorg as one of the great anti-heroes of dark fantasy.
2) Cloud Atlas. Ok, going with an acknowledged brilliant book seems cheap here. But, even though it doesn't always work, it is an amazing piece of literature, totally audacious, insanely creative, and utterly jaw dropping.
1) Blood Song. Though I think Cloud Atlas is the superior work, Blood Song hit every note of the current epic fantasy.

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