Monday, January 6, 2014

Book 1: Mockingbird

No, not Mockingjay, the atrocious end to the Hungergames saga. No, it's Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig, about a damaged twenty something woman who sees people's deaths when she touches them. Neither the character as a hard driving, cynical woman who likes to hit as much as she gets hit (there's a bit of Lisbeth Sander in her) nor the set-up of future death sight are very original, but the action moves quick and Wendig has a great way with language. As urban fantasy goes, it's as dark as you want with an intriguing enough storyline. Don't overthing this one as it really is a plot and character driven book and fun (if you can handle the violence, which is profuse). I need to put together a Dresden scale of rating urban fantasy like this. Maybe later today, but this one is tighter than the Dresden books, darker than most of them, more jarringly violent, especially towards women, and bit more difficult because of the violence. Overall, I liked it better than Dresden though I think some of the violence detracts from the fun.

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