Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book 34: Hyperion

One of the great science fiction novels I've ever read.  Dan Simmons is such a talented and underrated writer and this is one of his most incredible works.  I thought it interesting reading after Cloud Atlas as Simmons uses the same device of weaving six semi related stories into a single powerful narrative.  Though I found Cloud Atlas more ambitious, audacious, and just fun, Hyperion was an overall more cohesive and logical story without some of the accoutrements.  Ultimately, Hyperion is just a kick ass sci-fi delving into familiar themes with new (to me at least) worlds, characters, and methods.  It's a fairly bleak tale that doesn't have enough humor to lighten it and a couple of the stories are so full of emotion that it's hard to remember that this is a seminal work of science fiction (though it also play a lot like fantasy).  I totally loved it.

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