Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2000 Peju Province Reserve Cab Franc Review

After one of my regular vigils to my wine collection (how pompous) looking for wines that are ready to drink, I found a little gem in a 2000 Peju Province Reserve Cab Franc. I knew I had a few Peju wines left over from a spiteful trip to Napa Valley where I spent my budget at one place because I was ticked at my girlfriend for some stupid perceived slight and I still have a few reserve CSs sitting in my collection as evidence of my general idiocy. But after sharing the bottle with my wife last night, not only am I glad I married someone else, but also glad that I burned some coin at Peju.

Mature mocha notes blended beautifully with an undercurrent of blackberries (I know blueberries are classic Franc profile, but I don't usually find it). Although it may have been a bit past its peak, the wine retained a lively quality thanks to just enough acid to keep the lingering richness from oak aging in balance. This wine is one of the reasons I love aging wines. The maturity added a depth and richness that created a truly great wine.

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