Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book 61: Coraline

I like Neil Gaiman quite a bit, though I found American Gods, which is very well received critically, to be vastly overrated.  As a story, it was fine, but just not top 10 of any lists that I would create.  For some reason, Gaiman feels a bit derivative of classic Clive Barker.  I don't have any real comparisons leaping to mind, but what I've read of Gaiman feels a bit like it's been done before.  Don't get me wrong.  I loved Neverwhere in many ways.  I didn't particulary care for American Gods though everyone else loved it.  So, I picked up Coraline. 

Alright.  This is cool.  I loved Coraline.  It's not one of the first books a lot of people associate to Gaiman, but even though this still felt a bit of a take on themes I've seen before, I really enjoyed it.  Good nasties, intrepid girly hero, and a cool as a cucumber cat. 

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