Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book 47: Year Zero

This is a very strange book.  On one hand, the plot level is moderatly engaging, centering on a intellectual rights lawyer who is visited by aliens only to learn that the damages exceed the value of the known universe.  Clever (sometimes by too much) and mostly fun, it drags a bit at times while Rob Reid goes off on uninteresting tangents, but Reid clearly knows the new music industry and has some great barbs.  On a plot level, it's actually pretty funny and engaging.  But dig a bit deeper, and it's kind of like a temper tantrum.  Reid is a techno guy, having created Napster like programs for file sharing.  He's right that laws and fines now are way overboard, but (and I'm grossly overgeneralizing here) I always find the irony in technogeeks who are so protective of their precious code getting indignant over not being able to adequately access someone else's intellectual property. 

On a side note, Reid's interviews are very interesting.  I looked up a few on the internet and he has a solid perspective on future technology and the issues that will arise.  I'd like to see him set an absurdist story in a near future environment.

All being said, I actually enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

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