Monday, April 15, 2013

Book 21: Dog of the South

Picked up this little ditty cause it was written by the same dude who wrote True Grit, which was great. 
Dog of the South has some interesting characters but seemed to make a big mistake in casting an ancillary character as the main character.  Basically, I wanted to beat the crap out everyone in this book for being so lame.  I just fundamentally didn't like anyone, mostly because they seemed more boring than anything.  I couldn't actively dislike anyone either.  They were just a bunch of kinda sad losers.  The writing is great and there are some genuinely funny moments, but I just didn't buy into it the way a lot of other people have.  The book actually reminded me a lot of Confederacy of Dunces in its revelry of people living at the margins of society, but without the stranglely lovable oaf at the center.  I really want to like this book better than I did as it has several elements that I tend to gravitate to.  But, for a character driven story, I just didn't like any of the characters.  In fact, they elicitied little more than apathy from me, though I found them well drawn and quite hysterical.

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